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About me

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Hi! Im Jonah and I'm a junior in high school who loves to build stuff. Ever since I was little, I've always loved to make things. This hobby turned into a passion and soon enough I was 3D printing. After my 5 years of 3D printing experience, I feel like I have perfected the art, yet I can do so much more. On this website, you can find projects that I have made, projects I am currently working on, and projects I am selling. At the moment I will be making creations and selling those, alongside with some custom orders. I hope you enjoy my creations!

My Creations

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Ironman mark 50 helmet (2020)

Everyone has their favorite superhero, mine is Ironman. When I  saw the first Ironman movie in 2010, I made my own cardboard ironman suit. Ever since then, I have loved to make Ironman inspired props like this broken mark 50, helmet with blue LED lights. This was used at the beginning of the movie, Endgame and Tony used it to record messages on.

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